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At EM Counselling and Psychology, we believe in providing accessible psychology services to children, adolescents and their families within the local community.

Edita Manak, experienced Educational and Developmental psychologist and the principal psychologist of EM Counselling and Psychology, has had extensive training in childhood and adolescent trauma, anxiety and behavioural difficulties. She utilizes therapeutic methods that are well-researched and evidence-based. Edita works from a neurodiversity affirming framework believing in uniqueness of everyone's brain and body.

Edita founded EM Counselling and Psychology in 2017 with the vision of providing highly-skilled and individually tailored therapeutic services to those in need. Edita provides face to face as well as online therapy sessions.

At EM Counselling and Psychology we can assist you with a wide range of concerns your child / adolescent / yourself might present with:

  • Anxiety / Worries / Fears

  • Self-esteem / Confidence issues

  • Depression / Low mood / Self-harm

  • Behaviour difficulties / Oppositional behaviour / Anger

  • ADHD / Autism / ODD / Learning Difficulties

  • Bullying / Friendship issues

  • School refusal

  • Parental divorce / Separation / Adoption

  • Trauma / Grief 

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